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Branding & Communication

Our beliefs

Luxury is a way of being, living and loving. It is a culture, choice and vision world view. This singularity constantly transforms itself and is enriched at every instant. It generates pleasure, as well as knowledge. Luxury has no limits. It is infinite like the imagination sparked by precious objects.

Our savoir-faire is to capture the essence of your roots, your values, offer and vision; characterize their uniqueness and distinctive form of expression. We strive to make your métier visible, surprising and unique; to enshrine it in captivating stories that structure its narratives. Through words, images and sounds, we light up the imagination, and build unique, privileged relationships with your audiences.

Our savoir-faire is to help you create value.

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E&E Conseil provides you with an array of methods to precisely answer your needs and guarantee the achievability of the your strategies.

  • Brand Exploration

  • Brand Platform

  •  Manifesto

  •  Brand book & Style Book

  •  Strategic Planning

  •  Communications Plan

  •  Launch strategy

  •  Heritage policy


E&E Conseil builds narratives that intensify distinctiveness and difference; inviting the specific audiences to immerse themselves into the stories telling of your Maison. We also strive for defining, organizing and regulating your way of expressing yourselves, by defining guidelines for the signs, texts and images inherent to each Maison.

  •  Themes & inspiration

  •  Manifesto

  •  Tone & Voice

  • Storytelling structure & developments

  •  Digital editorial guidelines

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Operational & creative project management

E&E Conseil guides Maisons and Brands in developing and implementing creative marketing tools.

  • Website and digital elements

  • Social media

  • Copywriting

  • Advertising

  • Visual identity

  •  Graphic design

  • Event


Whenever necessary, E&E Conseil works with specialist partners with best expertise in the requested specific area.


Luxury, Art & Culture

E&E Conseil works like a “cabinet of curiosities”. Inspired by you and your challenges, we collect together an array of unheard sources and motley references from diverse universes. We use them to inspire a coherent yet disruptive strategic brainstorming, and develop innovative, yet efficient solutions.

These elements take us on a journey through history: from yesterday, today and tomorrow. This timeless inspiration stimulates our intellect and imagination to create new concepts that we transform into multifaceted stories and exceptional experiences for final clients who, more than ever, are looking for the extraordinary and the uniqueness.

This spirit draws on our team’s love of art and culture. It embodies the interest and pleasure we experience as we plunge into your archives and heritage, express your savoir-faire and place your image alongside contemporary and historic creations. It maintains the singularity, immateriality and aura that weave together to nourish luxury.

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17 Avenue d’Eylau, 75116 Paris – France