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Our beliefs

Having always in mind the need for thorough sales optimization and therefore maximizing distribution networks complementarity and synergies in order to acknowledge new clients’ needs: mobility, immediacy and fluidity.

Putting clients at the very heart of distribution Strategies and overcoming all existing inter-channel barriers in order to truly propose a full and seemingly omni-channel strategy. At stake: A coherent client environment, giving an harmonious, immersive and memorable experience altogether and in each and all locations.

Distribution Networks are not only business productive they also have a media value : 100% of your clients see, experiment and use them.

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Distribution strategies

  • Short and medium-term Sales Strategy

  • Audit and assessment of current distribution strategies – overall and network-by-network

  • Customer Analysis and behavior findings. – Typology, sales history, multi-channel routes, social media

  • Recommendations for distribution strategies

  •    Identification of target markets, prioritization and type of distribution

  •    Optimization of cross-channel synergies

  •    Definition of exclusivity levels

  •    Product mix / pricing and margin structures by distribution type

  •    Harmonization of customer service policy

  • Performance analysis

  • Implementation of action plans

  • Opening of new markets and identification of international partners

  • Road to Market: sales structure and organization, sales forces, stock management, logistics

Retail : Boutique & Digital

If distribution benefits today of a global and Omni channel approach, some issues specific to each network must be addressed as such

  • Assessment of sales performance, product offering and customer strategies:

  • Reporting tools

  • Customer acquisition policy, customer loyalty, CRM

  • Merchandising and display

  • Stocks

  • Assessment of fluidity and synergies: digital/traditional

  • Implementation of business operations plans and their breakdown into action plans per POS

  • Boutique management: analysis and monitoring of professional skills and sales staff productivity, sales analysis, customer traffic, KPI…

  • Optimization of turnover and margins through team’s motivation and sales techniques trainings

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Wholesale : Brick-and-Mortar & Digital

Wholesale – once the cornerstone of distribution – must be managed with the same level of attention as Retail

  • Performance analysis and assessment

  • Sell-in level: sales teams

  •    Productivity

  •    Savoir-faire and training

  •    Team motivation

  •   Sell-out level: POS       ..

  •    Performance /exclusivity

  •    Stock rotation

  •    Brand image at POS and multi-brand sites

  •    Sales staff motivation

  • Strategies, Complementarities and synergies with retail


E&E Conseil also addresses specific cases:

  • After-sales-service policy and organization

  • Inventory Management


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